Evidence-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching by Adele Johnston
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Evidence-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching by Adele Johnston
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Welcome to A-Game Lifestyle

…a platform founded by Adele Johnston, an evidence-based nutrition consultant, mum to twins Clara and Shannon and passionate about helping mums, dads and families grow knowledge and understanding on nutrition and lifestyle for health. 

Our overall aim is to help as many families feel inspired, educated and confident to achieve a better lifestyle. 

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Our one-to-one coaching is your personal support system, designed to guide you every step of the way towards improved mental and physical health. 

Adele offers support in maternal and pregnancy nutrition, childhood/family lifestyle coaching; as well as personal health and body composition improvement e.g. weight loss, muscle gain, improving health markers and overall quality of life.

Here’s what some of Adele’s one-to-one clients have to say…

Can’t thank Adele enough, finally been able to ditch the fad deits. I’ve learned loads about fuelling my body correctly and practicing proper portion control. I’m amazed at the change in my body…..

Amy H

I came to Adele as my partner and myself were dispairing of losing weight! Adele’s nutrition plans are brilliant – they’re so well planned out to your needs and we love it

Aileen B

I have so much more energy and I have dropped 2 dress sizes and most important of all, i now understand how to fuel my body better. Thanks Adele for all your help xxx

Claire M

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Pregnancy Nutrition

        (including planning for a baby)

There’s a wealth of evidence that shows the first 2 years of a childs life are by far the most influential and crucial on their future self and health (ref: NCT, First 1000 Days)

Even before conception, a woman’s diet and lifestyle choices can influence the future health of her baby. Habits are said to be established during pregnancy.

If you are currently looking to improve your maternal nutrition knowledge, improve your own nutrition and lifestyle  then please click below to see how we can help you.


Childhood and Family

Did you know if you can get your child/children’s nutrition balanced, the better the future health and early year lifestyle they’ll have

This has a big impact from their childhood to adult life not only in their physical health, but their mental well-being as well.

children learn through example and adult influence. 

Please get in touch using the enquire here button below to see how we can support you with your child/children’s and family’s nutrition. 



Weight Management

You’ll learn the fundamentals of nutrition from qualified evidence-based coach Adele Johnston.

Eating the foods you love, using proven methods such as flexible dieting, mindful eating and how to enjoy the process without obsessing every step of the way.

Adele’s key aim with all of her coaching is to ensure that your health is at the forefront of everything. 

Whether your main goal is weight loss, body fat reduction, muscle growth, improving your health markers or improving your food relationships, Adele will support you every step of the way.

Click below to see how Adele can support you.

A-Game Blog

Content covering Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle to support your journey and hopefully inspire your choices. 

Coping With Mum Overwhelm

Coping With Mum Overwhelm

Well that was intense.  What a bloody week that was and to really challenge my mum rage-o-meter, mediator skills and inner zen state. It peaked today when Shannon (one of my 9 year old twins) decided to spray furniture polish all over our 1 day old flat screen TV – oh...

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NAKED and baring all….

NAKED and baring all….

Let’s talk the naked truth ladies! I was out at the weekend with my besties and what a bloody awesome time we had - the perfect tonic to life. Everyone’s at varying stages in life right now - new babies, babies on the way, teenagers and the drama they bring, life...

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Here’s what to expect: 

Evidence-based nutrition mentoring and coaching 

  • Tailored to you  
  • Initial 30 minute consultation call to get you started 
  • Movement and exercise suggestions to suit your goals  
  • One-to-one support throughout 
  • One-to-one weekly check-ins 
  • Guides, Templates and Top Tips 
  • Supplement advice and guidance 
  • Nutrition, Mindfulness and Lifestyle practices 

Need help? 
(Monday - Saturday 9am-8pm & Sunday's are for chilling)